inkjet printer vs. laser printer

If you’re buying a printer, one of the choices you’re likely to be faced is whether to get an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Both printers have their pros and cons. The two printer types use different approaches and each is appropriate for meeting different printing needs

Here’s a summary of the differences between an inkjet and laser printer.


• Smaller Size – Most Inkjet printers are relatively small and can fit in tight spaces. The table top printers – making it ideal for a bedroom or home office.
• Excellent photo quality – Great at producing photo quality prints and image-heavy documents, as inkjet printers do a better job of blending and producing vibrant colors.
• Low Initial Cost – The price of an inkjet printer is less than most laser printers, and inkjet ink cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges.

• Less efficient ink use – Inkjet printers have a higher cost per page when it comes to printing, especially for users who print on a regular basis who are continually forced to repurchase more cartridges because ink cartridges can only print a few hundred pages.
• Ink is water-based – prints are prone to water damage and fading.
• Slower printing – very slow compared to laser printing. High volumes are a challenge with.
• Messy to clean – Inkjet cartridges can sometimes leak, and the ink can stain almost anything it comes in contact with, including clothes and hands.
• Low-capacity paper tray – It can only hold 50-100 sheets, which can be a problem when you prints a lot


• Faster print speeds – Most laser printers print much faster than inkjet printers. It won’t matter much for casual printers, but high volume users will notice a huge difference.
• Excellent print quality – Printed documents which are black or colored, look very sharp, usually more than the same documents printed on an inkjet printer.
• Higher monthly duty cycle – Laser printer can handle high volume print jobs.
• More efficient use of toner – Toner is cheaper in the long run for high volume printers because laser printer cartridges can print more pages so it will be months or even years before you’ll need replacements in comparison to ink cartridges.

• Larger physical size – Laser printers are usually bigger and heavier than inkjets.
• High initial cost – Often more expensive to purchase upfront than an inkjet printer.
• Higher toner cartridge cost – Toner cartridges cost more than inkjet cartridges however they print more pages than inkjet cartridges.

When making the decision between an Inkjet printer and a laser printer, you need to weigh the pros and cons for both printer types. Inkjet printers are best suited for small, image-heavy documents, like photos and school projects. But if you’re going to be printing a lot and need your prints fast, then go with a laser printer, a laser printer is the more efficient and economical choice.

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