Business Printer Leasing

Majority of companies switched to business printer leasing program instead of buying one because mainly of its maintenance issues.
We offer high volume machines for business printer leasing

There are three major concerns to consider when acquiring business printers, one is the high cost of toner and inks, second is inconvenient repair services and third is the availability of parts.

First inks and toners will approximately cost you more than P1.00 per page (based on price per toner or ink divided by its yield) and if your company usage per month is 10,000 pages, a P10,000 plus worth of consumable is too expensive for you. On the other hand, if you lease your business printer you will only pay for a fixed cost per page, way lower than P1.00 and these supplies will be delivered right at your door step. No need to process purchase requisition, transportation expense and extra man power for an errand.

Second, a printer is a machine that needs cleaning, preventive maintenance, and repairs in case of malfunction. The hassle here is you must bring it all the way to the service center to fix it and forced to leave it there for many weeks. While in leasing program you will get the convenience of scheduled preventive maintenance, cleaning and repairs on-site. No more down time.

Third, is the availability of parts. I have experienced waiting for a printer part for almost a month and it hampered our production which resulted in a loss of clients. On the contrary, with our business printer leasing program, we make sure the parts are available and if not we send service unit to accommodate pending jobs of our customers.

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